WHAT IS Live Aqua Residence Club?

With Live Aqua Residence Club, you don't have to just imagine your perfect vacation – you can make it a reality! Travel across the world and stay at the most luxurious hotels or residences, any time you want to go.


After acquiring the membership, you can book your vacations right away using your points in hotels like Live Aqua, Fiesta Inn, Fiesta Americana, Grand Fiesta Americana, The Explorean, Hilton Grand Vacation Club and first-class residences around the world.


You will enjoy unlimited experiences in spectacular destinations around the world with luxury accommodations and a personal concierge who will be available for you at anytime.


Travel is the ultimate escape




Luxurious residences in spectacular destinations



Travels that will leave a mark

In addition to making the world your second home, Live Aqua Residence Club offers you expert and personalized advice throughout your trip in order to make sure the only thing you have to worry is about to enjoying every minute of your vacations.

If you would like to learn more about our services and membership, please send us your contact information. It would be our pleasure to communicate with you.



What is a Live Aqua Residence Club membership? It means belonging to a private club with an exclusive holiday residence portfolio in the most popular national and international destinations.
When does the membership expire? For you and your family's enjoyment, the membership enables you to use the residences for 40 years.
Can the membership be transferred or inherited? Sure, the membership can be inherited, or it can be passed by transferring rights or appointing a beneficiary.
As a member of Live Aqua Residence Club, do i get any additional benefits? Yes. As a member you can access a variety of national and international facilities, thanks to our agreements. Besides the permissions to use sport, entertainment and relaxation facilities, you will get special discounts in golf courses, Puerto Vallarta's seaport activities, spas, tours, among others.
Is there any distinctive feature in this kind of residence? When you are a member of Live Aqua Residence Club you have the privilege of using the holiday residences in different destinations, with the comforts of your home, and the maintenance and services included in your membership.
Is it possible to get a membership when your nationality is other than mexican? Sure, no matter your nationality you can become a member of Live Aqua Residence Club.
What's the global scope of Live Aqua Residence Club membership? Besides the exclusive national destinations, we have made special agreements with exclusive locations all over the world, all of which can be used by Live Aqua Residence Club member.
What happens to the points if you do not travel during the year? The member can transfer automatically all the unused points to use them the following year. Besides, Live Aqua Residence Club offers you the assistance of a travel consultant to help you manage your points.
What options are there when more points are needed for a trip? When Live Aqua Residence Club member wants more points for a trip, he can ask in advance for the next year's points to use them in the current year. There are other methods, and the travel consultant will mention them as needed.
What are the holiday seasons? Each facility is located in a particular place and responds to the supply-demand rule. Generally speaking, there are 4 seasons:

Premium - The most requested one, or high season, during vacations. Platinum - Medium-demand season, related to vacations and holidays.
Gold - Not related to holidays.
Silver - Least requested one or low season.

Each of them implies a certain amount of points.
If a Live Aqua Residence Club member recommends somebody for a membership, does he get a benefit? Yes, Live Aqua Residence Club created a Referral Program, which offers interesting incentives for the members who recommend somebody to get a membership for our luxury residence club.
Are there additional discounts for members? Yes, the membership is always seeking agreements and alliances to increase the number of benefits for members. We offer discounts in food and beverages, as well as special rates for the special use of facilities; for example, you can extend your stay or invite relatives or friends. Besides, each vacation house includes a concierge who will inform you about the exclusive offers of the place you're staying in.
Why choosing Live Aqua Residence Club when there are so many other places and vacation programs? Live Aqua Residence Club is supported by Posadas Group, a company with over 40 years of experience working for the housing and service industry, offering unique vacations for its members.
What is so special about each destination of Live Aqua Residence Club? Live Aqua Residence Club is the welcome gate to a new relaxation experience and exclusive service in the most popular destinations. Live Aqua Residence Club highlights regional aspects of the place to make your stay an extraordinary moment.
As a Live Aqua Residence Club member, am i forced to use my points in a single destination? The club member decides his destination freely; Live Aqua Residence Club is designed as a multi-destination club offering different options of places to visit. Moreover, the member is not forced to travel in any specific season.
What are the social habits and the appropriate use of the facilities? There is a general multi-destination club code, besides the guidelines for facility use in each one of the places included in the residence portfolio. The guidelines were designed considering parameters for equity, freedom and respect.
Where can i find more information about Live Aqua Residence Club membership? In this page, you can select the CONTACT section and send your questions and comments. You can also send us an email to thefrontdoor@posadas.